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A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

Working for the Toronto Star for the next three days.


The First Painting I Ever Painted

I remember painting for the first time in Ken Frost’s art class at Riverview High School in grade 10.


I painted a sink and cans. And the painting disappeared one day when either Frost or somebody in the district asked me for it.


I do remember it was hard to part with as it was my first painting and I was quite proud of it. I think it was the first time I felt I had any talent.


I always knew I could draw. A lot of people could draw. I didn’t think much of it.


But not many people could paint.


I just received this email with the picture below:


Hi Michael,

There is a painting in my office at the Anglophone East School District that may have been painted by you. It is signed DeAdder 83. Do you recognize it?

Helen Melanson, Web Manager at Anglophone East School District


It’s very cool that it has had a home for so long. It only existed in my memory since that day.



Cartoons on America







Prime Minister Trudeau In Slow Motion


A Canadian Conservative When It Comes To Transgender Issues: “I’ve changed my mind.”

While in the U.S. Conservatives square off over transgender rights, Canadian Conservative politician David Tilson quietly decides to vote for bill to protect transgender people from discrimination in Canada. There’s nothing more heroic than a politician doing the right thing because it’s simply the right thing to do.


Jian Ghomeshi Apology