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Update On Prints


Update on prints.

I obviously have a job. In fact this week I’m filling in at the Toronto Star. And my wife has a job. So we are handling prints when we can.

Prints are arriving tomorrow from the printer. We will be filling out orders for prints in order that they arrived as email transfers. We do not have time to reply to all the emails. But if your money transfer is activated, that means your order has been processed. It’s that simple. I’m not sure how many we can package per day but obviously not as many as regular online business. No staff, just child labour.

So please be patient. We will keep you posted on how fast these prints are going out. It may take a couple weeks from the time you ordered.

Mailing costs for the 11X17 are more than expected. In fact it’s crazy how expensive it is. So in the future the cost of the 8.5X11 is $25.00 and the cost of the 11X14 will still be $40.00. But if you add $10.00 shipping, $10.00 extra will go to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. 100% of that money.  And it’s completely voluntary.




I’ve received an overwhelming request for prints. I’m not hooked up for credit cards so I’ll have to do email transfer to I generally sell signed prints for $25.00 which includes shipping in Canada. So a signed 8.5X11 print is $25.00. Email me with a transfer and mailing address. I will not proceed untill I email you back and confirm. A signed 11X17 print is $40.00.

If I sell more than a handful of these images, I will consider reevaluating what I do with the proceeds. I’m not interested in making money off the Tragically Hip.

Black Lives Matter



Tony Blair

July Calendar For Chronicle Herald

Lots of Pride in my June calendar.

Halifax Regional Police Cartoon

I had an issue with a couple police officers when I managed a restaurant in the mid-90s. But outside of that one incident, a long time ago, every police officer I have dealt with since has been courteous and professional. I include in this group, the officer who stopped me for speeding on the Bi-High. They have a hard job. I’m getting a few people questioning why I painted the entire police force as having “no clue” when I should have targeted the people in charge of the evidence locker and management.

Losing evidence, especially money and drugs, is a serious violation of duty. This has got to rock the police force from its foundation. Pressure has to come from Halifax’s politicians, citizens and from the officers in the line. I want the police to look at that cartoon and say: “Look at how this is making us look. We need to change.”

That’s why I did it.