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The nicest email I ever received…

I wanted to let you know how much my family appreciates your work and how much joy you brought to our mother today. She is 80 (but a very spry, young 80), she had surgery yesterday, and was discharged from the hospital this morning.

My sister bought her a copy of “You Might Be From Nova Scotia If…” since she is a fan of yours and my mother’s only complaint was that it hurt to laugh so much. So many of the references took us back in time. Going to see the wrestling in Berwick. I was that kid that always bid 30 for 60 when we played 45’s at our cottage. My parents still have maps from the 70’s at home that they refer to. And, yes, we knew that family who drank 10 Penny.

My mother is also in love with your Cabinet Shuffle series in the Chronicle each week. She has been known to cut them out and save them to mail back to the Conservative MP who dares send her a request for a donation!

I guess this is just my way of saying “Thank you” for your wonderful take on NS life and our political clime. You are a true Nova Scotian treasure.


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