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Fordzilla Animated Gif

My latest animated gif dealing with the latest on the Rob Ford:



The latest Cabinet Shuffles

Last week’s Cabinet Shuffles:


New cartoons from the past week

Another Duffy cartoon:1310232rchr

Masking the smell:1310251rhtr

Parties in the [NS] Province House1310253rchr

Nova Scotia’s new gov’t:1310244rchr

The near forgotten trade deal:1310222rchr

Premier David Alward:1310252rttr

Canada’s Church Lady

Tony Lea from Toronto made this observance to me in an email. I couldn’t resist turning it into a Gif.

I need to work on animating my heads. It’s a bit wonky. In a way, they are a bit funnier wonky.



Latest animated gif

Update frame rate:

I think the first version [at the bottom] was too fast.


This one took far too long. Too many issues.

The Mike Duffy part may move to fast to really see that it’s Mike Duffy. I’ll adjust it after I live with it for a day.


Animated GIF part seven.

Another animated GIF with the Shining theme.shining006a


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