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Top 10 reasons why Stephen Harper will win the next election

10. The left is not united under one tent.

9. The Conservative caucus is completely whipped into submission and stays completely on message.

8. The Conservative message is simple.

7. The Liberal and NDP messages are complex.

6. There are a lot of moderate people who claim that they can’t stand Stephen Harper at dinner parties but secretly vote for him.

5. Stephen Harper has a base of around 29%. No other party has a base that high nor that loyal.

4. If Justin Trudeau is a level 1 tactician and Thomas Mulcair is a level 3 tactician, Stephen Harper is a level 10 tactician.

3. The average person doesn’t care about politics and does care about taxes, cell phone rates and cable television bundles.

2. Stephen Harper not only has a complete understanding of what most people care about but, more importantly, has a complete understanding of what most people don’t care about.

1. Stephen Harper does what he says he’s going to do. You may not like what he’s doing or even support his policies, but if he says he’s going to do something, he does it.


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