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More cartoons from the past week




Rob Ford cartoon reveal

I posted some sketches on Friday of today’s cartoon which led to people asking me what he was looking at. Here’s the big reveal via the Halifax Chronicle Herald. Nobody guessed correctly.


Work in progress [2]



Work in Progress

What I’m working on today:


Atlantic Books Today piece on my workspace

Atlantic Books Today did a big spread about my workspace in its holiday edition. Those who have seen my workspace must be laughing. It’s less Homes & Gardens and more Home Depot Do-It-Yourself:

Atlantic Books Today


I take it back

So earlier I wrote about not being able to find a gas station in New Brunswick on the Trans Canada Highway [2] between Oromocto and Petitcodiac. Well, I was wrong and I was told by more than one person. There is an Irving at Youngs Cove. I didn’t see it. So I take back all I said earlier.

But it didn’t show up on my Google map at the time and I didn’t see the sign for the trees. I didn’t look that hard after it didn’t show up on my iPhone. I was probably looking at my iPhone at the time.

[I was set right by an email sent to me by MLA Jack Carr.]