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Chronicle Herald Nov. 6


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  1. Michael,

    I started getting my editiroial cartoons published in the Winnipeg Sun back in 2002 and then my sports cartoons inthe Winnipeg Free press and finally I started getting my cartoons published in the Toronto Sun. My real job forced my cartoons to take a backseat but now at 56 I am getting back into it. I hope to start getting published again and come uout with some books etc.

    back in 2003 sometime I also had a phone cenversation with Roy and found him to be quite encouraging. He said the exact same thing to me “just get published… anywhere you can”.

    I absolutely love your “Sorry” cartoon. It caught me off guard and I howled!

    marvin terry
    oakville, Ontario

  2. Michael de Adder

    Thanks, Marvin. I almost had to get a real job. With the state of the newspapers, I still may have to.

    • Michael,

      Once again your cartoon is brilliant (Fantino). On my best day, I am depressingly sarcastic so when I say that’s good I mean,… that’s good.

      I am working on a draft for a table top book about how the world perceives Canada. I would love it if you and I collaborated on it. Just a thought. I’ve been told it would sell ‘big’ time.


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      Home: 905-338-1672

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