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Freedom of Speech

Today we are reminded that the price of freedom of speech is very high. IMG_0723 IMG_0723

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  1. Michael,

    You said in regards to Freedom of speech and expression: we should be able to say what ever we want to say.

    Nothing is further from the truth.

    Laws, freedoms, rights, liberties were made for honest, moral, ethical, intelligent, responsible people.

    Laws were made to protect honest people.

    Freedoms, rights, and liberties can only be given to honest, moral, ethical, intelligent, and responsible people.

    One of the biggest lies or misunderstandings that has ever been told in civilized countries is that
    we live in a free country and we can do what ever we want to do or say.

    Nothing is further from the truth.

    The truth is that we live in a country with certain freedoms, rights and liberties. All these freedoms rights and liberties have limitations. All these freedoms, rights and liberties come with responsibilities.

    These freedoms, rights and liberties can only be given to the Intelligent, the moral, the ethical, the honest, the responsible and those with common sense.

    These freedoms, rights and liberties can not be given to the stupid, the ignorant, the immoral, the unethical, the dishonest, the irresponsible and those without common sense.

    Legal action can be taken against the irresponsible and those who fail to use common sense, and have the guilty institutionalized to protect public safety.

    The insane, the irresponsible, the criminals pervert, defile and use freedoms, rights and liberties as a cover to incite, provoke, and commit all sorts of perversion, sedition, subversion, evil, malice, crimes and terrorism.

    Freedoms do not give you the right to incite, provoke, slander, or commit any sort of irresponsible act.

    So do not use your freedoms to commit all sorts of evil.

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