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Halifax Regional Police Cartoon

I had an issue with a couple police officers when I managed a restaurant in the mid-90s. But outside of that one incident, a long time ago, every police officer I have dealt with since has been courteous and professional. I include in this group, the officer who stopped me for speeding on the Bi-High. They have a hard job. I’m getting a few people questioning why I painted the entire police force as having “no clue” when I should have targeted the people in charge of the evidence locker and management.

Losing evidence, especially money and drugs, is a serious violation of duty. This has got to rock the police force from its foundation. Pressure has to come from Halifax’s politicians, citizens and from the officers in the line. I want the police to look at that cartoon and say: “Look at how this is making us look. We need to change.”

That’s why I did it.


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  1. Paul MacInnis

    Sometimes you have to paint a nasty picture to get a point across. Don’t bust yourself up over any flack you may be receiving. How do they not think this same thing of themselves. Homer is a proper character for this depiction.

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