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The U.S. Election Cartoons

The following cartoons appeared in the Halifax Chronicle Herald, the Moncton Times & Transcript, the Fredericton Gleaner, the Toronto Star and the Hill Times at different times during the election.

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damnyouallr 1611012rhtr 1610311rchr 1610252rhtc 1610211rchc 1610171rchc 1609271rhtc 1609261rder 1609212rdec 1609121rchr d1608312rtsr 1608232rtsr 1608162rhtr 1607225rhtr 1607192rhtr 1607142rtsc 1607051rhtr 1601212rhtr 1506152rtsr 1606011rglc 1605276remr 1605173remc 1605103remr 1604122rhtr 1603302rdec-1 1503152sc 1503141rglc 2016 1602102rttc 1512102rttc 1608091rdec 1610182rhtr 1608121rchc 1609305rchc

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  1. Judith Baxter

    And what are you working on for tomorrow. Best be at you art board today you’ll be too tired tomorrow…..we are in for a long night. The night of _________?

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